Sunday, January 8, 2017

voice from the dust

I got a message in my email and I didn't know what it was.  "Pinewood derby notes"?  What on earth could that be?  So I opened it and found that it was in fact notes to myself for 1 year later!


Pinewood derby notes

Today was great. Notes for next year:
Me: remember the scale!
General: Set up chairs close to the track so there isn't room for kids to run
by the track. Babies walking on the track shouldn't hurt it, but... sorry my
pet peeve.
-put the track very close to the wall so there is less room at that end and more room at the finish line. Set up kid chairs 4 feet from the track and adult chairs behind that.
-Next year let's have an activity to go before the race for a good 20 minutes.
That way kids have something to do while we wait for late comers.
-And we could also do a weigh in on Friday before the race so nobody has a last minute crisis. Anyone is welcome to drop by the Porters before the event.-Make the round robin in advance and cross out races of boys that don't come
Make it like a bracket?
-Put the table with the cars at the top of the track so the boys bring their cars to the table and the starter just has to put them on the track.

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