Friday, January 27, 2017

self knowledge provide by Super Mario Bros.

P and I have some nintendo controllers and an adapter to let us play a SNES simulator on the computer.  We had gotten one earlier but it broke rather quickly.  So we just got things up and running again.  Last night we had a little "date" with the kids all around as we played.  Since it was a date, none of the kids got a turn.  It was fun to play the old game with the old controllers.  We remember random things like where to find a coin box or a mushroom.  P remembered the warp tunnels, and took them to higher levels.  He also kept track of points and timing the end to get fireworks.  I just tried to survive each level.  I don't want to skip to higher levels, it just gets harder there!

Today M and G played the game during their computer time.  It was really fun to watch their excitement.  It's just like we were as kids, having the thrill of avoiding enemies and falling into pits. 

We also watch MacGuyver which they really love.  I showed them "Singing in the Rain" last week.  They laughed so much at the dance scenes.  They loved the drama with Lina Lamonte.  I'm glad we have some happy things to share with them.  There is so much good media to share with the children.  I'm glad we don't have cable or broadcast TV.  There is plenty to watch and create a shared cultural experience with your children. 

Someone told me that they felt very oppressed by their parents because they weren't able to watch SpongeBob and that literally every conversation involves reference to that show.  And they feel left out.  Sheesh.  I'm pretty sure none of my conversations have a reference to SpongeBob and if they do, I'd rather not know.  Oh well.

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