Friday, January 6, 2017

lucky day

Our house is covered in books.  I wanted to get the kids involved in organizing the books and get certain collections together.  Now it's crazy...

I told them I'd let them have chicken tenders for dinner if they did the job, then they pooped out.  And I really wanted fajitas for dinner, but that left us with double dinner.  So P texted the missionaries and they were here within 10 minutes!

P was even able to get back to work by 6:10.  Nice!

Back to the book project.  I wanted to get collections together and similar books in the same area.  I put all of the story collections (other than school book readers of which we have many) in the same area.  Now they are in the front room with all the non-fiction. 

All the chapter books were auctioned off to the fastest dibs-er.  Books that nobody claimed went into a pile for the library/office or donation box.  We go to the library so often, what is the point of keeping books that the kids aren't interested in and are not ones I want to keep.  So we have already gotten 18 inches of books into the donation pile.  Now we'll go through the story books and hopefully thin that out too. 

G-town holds a book sale in the spring and fall.  I love taking the kids to this.  The books are so cheap and they can get everything they are interested in.  I'm glad we're making the effort now to clear some space for the kids to get more books they will enjoy.

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