Friday, January 6, 2017

Paw Patrol

My kids have been watching this show paw patrol that features different breeds of dogs getting gadgets so they can perform the functions of firefighter, police, park ranger etc..  How could a show about puppies as rescue personnel be bad?  I know it just seems like the most awesome thing ever.  But for reasons unknown to me, the creators decided to cast the show as a satyre of local politics.  The villain of the show is the mayor of the neighboring city with his band of gadget equipped cats.  He lies and steals, backtracks, and lies some more, constantly.  The mayor of the dogs own town is often caught up in bragging and accepting stupid challenges from the other mayor.  Then to maintain the pride of the city, the dogs have to learn to play basketball in 1 day, and similar feats that downplay the time it takes to acquire a skill. 

Sorry kids, another show that models really stupid behavior.  We don't need that.

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