Saturday, November 5, 2016

Forever Young

I love my children.  I love that G is is still excited to put on a plastic fire fighter hat and climb up in the truck.  "Too cool" is not even a thing.  I love it!  He's all about enjoying life and hasn't been infected with the teenage blight of bad attitude.

Today we got to go see the Blue Angels perform up at the beach.  What is this crazy life?!  There was a lot of crying and fighting from lP and B on the drive up.  Ugh!  And traffic was real.  But it was so amazing to see the air show.  I'm so glad we went.

The girls got to go to a princess party today.  It was lovely.  I'm glad that some of their friends are willing to go all in for that.  I'm just not that mom.  But I am glad they got to have that experience.

G is doing great in his math class.  I'm trying to help him learn to have study and note taking skills.  Tonight I printed the note guides for this segment of the class.  I also gave him dividers to organize his binder.

I realized tonight that my 10th grade teacher was trying to teach us how to have an organized binder.  I just thought she was being a control freak.  I also thought she didn't like me.  And she maybe didn't since I was a brat.  But she was trying to teach me an incredibly useful skill and I didn't get the point.  I remember other teachers trying to teach me to make tables, outlines and timelines.  Oh, I wish I had understood that was my brains primary way of organizing! 

M is just like me and really fights being asked to do simple academic things.  How I would love to help her understand how much easier learning is when you are organized...!

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