Wednesday, November 23, 2016

people not things

I'm hosting thanksgiving this year.  I'll admit to being a fan of the people more than the food.  I love the food but I want to avoid stressing out about the food.  I want to have emotional energy to play a game or hang out for a few hours.  Growing up there was often stress about people showing up late with partially finished dishes.  Forget the food, just come and spend some time enjoying your family.

This stress really plays into my preference to supply most of the food.  And what I make is simple or easy, like stuffing from a box.  C'mon people!

On the flip side of this I'm going to start letting the kids plan menu items they will provide for holiday meals.  I asked them what they will bring when they are grown up.
G: Spare ribs!
M: Jello
lP: Stuffing
B: Brownies!

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Okishdu said...

I made stuffing from a box for the past few years particularly since I noticed that the price of bread stays high and stuffing mix is often on sale. You are right about the problem of stress involving food and some of the problems it caused. This year a storm was threatened for Thanksgiving day and I went ahead and purchased the ingredients for the two dishes that were coming from Salt Lake. I didn't have to use them but that meant they were available for later.