Saturday, October 29, 2016

October, there is sunlight in your hair...

The children woke up cold a few days this month so they got out the winter wear.
B took a nap with P and it was all kinds of cute.
lP and M got this store all set up in the firepit.  While they finished many details, I played recorder and the cat piano and they slipped me money to spend at their store.
We went to the corn maze today.  In college I went to the corn maze and had a terrible, cold, lost experience.  So I never was interested in going.  I decided we could go for the homeschool day which was half price.  Then it rained like crazy that day and we went anyway, but they gave us rain checks.
So today we went back and spent 4 hours!  I'm just not a 4 hour anything kind of person so this is fairly amazing.
We did the maze which had signs at helpful intervals with pages from the story about Spookly the square pumpkin.  I loved that.  It kept the kids moving, and reassured us that we were not just lost.
Batman was everyone's best friend today.
L even got some play time.  I never particularly want to own one of these mini play structures, but I wouldn't mind renting one for a week at a time!

It was a gorgeous day.  Now we're off to decorate for the neighborhood party and to the Ward trunk or treat, then back to the neighborhood for trick or treating.  This is such a fun and crazy busy time of year.

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