Thursday, March 5, 2015

Note for parents of kind kids

We had a nice experience with a boy G met at the park.  His mom asked G if he'd like to play with her son.  They had a nice time playing.

Today G saw some boys kicking a ball at the beach and asked if he could go play.  At first I said no, but then later said he could.  But I reminded him that he didn't have his ears on so he needed to keep a good look out for their faces and if they were trying to tell him something.

It turned out that one of the boys was the one from the park.  As I watched from a distance the boy seemed willing to motion to G or tap him on the back to get his attention.  Kicking the ball at the water and racing to get it isn't too complicated a game.

We stayed longer than I otherwise would because it was so nice to see G included with a pack of boys running around.  We moved here so he could have friends like that at school.  We don't often see it "in the wild".

The boys mom approached me as we were leaving to ask our number.  Her son was hoping to get together for a playdate.  

Because we've had so many years of kids that don't include G, this meant a lot to me.  We're finally to the point where G is included in some b-day parties at church.  We don't have to hear all the kids talking about it in primary.  I just want to give a shout out to parents that give a thought for including G.  Maybe those that didn't include G in birthdays just figured G was not their kids friend, so why invite him to an event that was all about their kid.  But maybe they could have taken 2 seconds to imagine how they'd feel to have a kids that is fundamentally different.  And when it costs you nothing but an invitation, why not include someone.

The mom of this boy G played with invited G to play with her son.  So I know 2 things about them already.  She chooses to be kind, and is modeling it to her son.  I'm grateful for that.

G can be annoying.  He's gotten a name lately at church for being a bit of a know it all.  A hearing boy that has a deaf dad, but that ignores G, has said "Everything is so easy for him."  Yeah...

P never had friends as a kid.  I never had friends until HS because we moved a lot in my early years, and because of my own personal flaws.  I really want for my children to have a friend or two that sees them as a kid they like to be with. 

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