Saturday, March 21, 2015

Like a sunrise on a cloudy day

We'd been planning to go see the sunrise for months.  But we didn't want to actually wake up any earlier than necessary.  So we went today to experience the Astronomical Twilight, Nautical Twilight, and City Twilight.  I never even knew those terms existed before.  P has such a gift for sharing wonder with the children.  He's the one that gets us out to see the 3AM shuttle launch.  It's him that sets up chairs and then carries the children out to the porch at 2AM to watch a meteor shower.  He was the driving force, literally and mentally, for our grand trip this summer.  I'm really impressed at the childhood he is crafting for the children.  I get to just come along for the ride and look good.

 Notice how we're bundled up because we expect 7AM on the beach to be cold on the first day of Spring in Florida!

 Everyone was happy when I pulled out the biscuits and cheese.
 G eats colby jack cheese lately.  He also is willing to eat a sliver of vegetable matter to get more bread products.  It's a huge improvement.
 lP looks like an explorer on a new planet.  She's got her biscuit and her galaxy blanket.  Ready to go.
Great job P.  Even though there was so much fog, we didn't see the sun, we enjoyed a morning together.  Thanks.

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