Friday, February 27, 2015

in our midst

We've had the chance to host seminary for 20+ kids at our home for the last 4 months.  They started meeting in the front room.  The couch and arm chairs from that room found new homes in the dining room and bedrooms.  Last week 3 more students joined the class so now we've switched things around and put the couches, all of them, into the front room.  Now the seminary chairs hang out in our big room.  I had pictures of this but something was going on with iPhoto so I'll have to take some more.

The kids mostly leave the chairs alone.  They just lay down between the rows to watch movies, or play on the computer.  It's an interesting moment in our home decor.  I'm glad we've been blessed with this home, with large spaces and a high tolerance to have 20+ chairs set up in rows.

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