Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We've rescued the girls room from the pit of despair it was in.  M has had this changing room and shelves for about a year now.

 She's the hoarder of the family.  Everything is so precious it must not be gotten rid of.  And all these treasures generally sit on her shelf and never get played with.  It is what it is.  She keeps her clothes in order mostly and the orange bucket is for dirty clothes.
 The mess that takes over the room is usually lP's clothes and toys on the floor that nobody claims.  So I created a dressing room for lP.  She's much more likely to say "Let's throw it away." when something is repeatedly left on the floor.
Even cleaning the room from the pit of despair, we didn't even have a full shelf of things she wanted to keep in her room besides her clothes.  She also has an orange bucket for dirty clothes.  I used to have the girls share a laundry basket but it's easier to have them be responsible for their clothes when they are responsible for their laundry.  And it's awesome when they are responsible for their laundry.

M is such a beautiful girl.  She is kind to lP most of the time.  She is over affectionate to B.  She loves G and always wants to hang out with him.  She's doing so well with reading, piano, and writing.  She cooks breakfast for herself most days, and for me sometimes too!  Sometimes her hair is askew and it bugs me.  But hair is not as important as being kind.  So I'm glad that we don't waste too much time or attention on our appearances.  Because M is beautiful.  She's a lovely person.

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