Friday, December 5, 2014

Seminary in the front room

Our building is closed for 1 year.  It's crazy.  In the meantime we are driving 40 minutes to attend church as the 3rd ward in a building in "then next town over" though you go through 2 others to get there.  Apparently the AC broke down and the building got horribly corrupted with mold.  It was making people sick...  And so there are people from SLC in charge of the renovation and it's going to take a year because they are getting the AC system re-done and de-humidifiers installed.  I just don't get why that takes a year.  This seems to be coming off as critical, but it's more that I'm just so bewildered that it would take a year to fix this.  They're not talking about renovating the building, just fixing it.  But for some reason there is some permit timing that is slowing it to that point. 

P is the Seminary teacher and after 2 months of holding seminary in commercial locations, it's being held in our front room.  1 commercial location would not give P a key and would show up late several days a week.  The other commercial location was cramped. 

Some of the ways it blesses our family to have seminary at our home is that P can make it to work on time when he just has to walk into the back room.  It also forces me to keep the house a little closer to the level of cleanliness that I actually like.  It also has our children all excited for when they are old enough to attend seminary.  Another blessing is that we moved the organ into the girls room.  So now M will play late at night and early in the morning.

I finally passed off the song I've been working on.  M is so nice and lets me pass things of at a slow tempo.  Unfortunately she's now 2 songs ahead of me!

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