Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ironic Hipsters

I was picking up G from school yesterday and the principal and others were talking about Barry Manilow and the "ironic hipsters" who don't even know his awesomeness.

I've been hearing about these hipsters for a while now.  I have a friend who is definitely a hipster because she always says she like x "before it was cool."  She is fabulous though and lives life really full of fun things.  She even has 5 amazing kids, so I can't suggest she's a slacker in pursuit of her hipsterism.  She's just that amazing.

And it seems that a lot of the people I know are sort of in the realm of hipster.  But they're not jerks.  Maybe hipsters are just into the things we're into at the moment.  Or maybe, and more likely, the hipsters are just making fun of the things we're into.  Because the people I hang with are not highly tattooed.  I've never seen anyone drinking a Pabst beer (supposedly the hipster drink of choice).  And none of the people I know have a handlebar mustache (not surprising since most of them are women).

Oh well.

One of the school counselors (who tells me, every time I pick G up from school, that we are the cutest family) said I am an ironic hipster.  I said "No, I never do anything until it is well proven to be cool.  Like having 4 kids, way cool."

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