Friday, January 3, 2014

Amazon, wow!

I sometimes feel guilty when I buy things from Amazon instead of from a "store".  Stores here in town employ people here in town.  As someone who likes people to have jobs, I like that.  True Amazon has to have people, maybe, involved to box things up, maybe they use a really sophisticated vending machine...?

One time when I needed to return something, I clicked on the "contact us" button.  Instead of taking me to a screen with numbers, that would lead to automated systems, it opened a button that said "Call me now".  So I clicked on that button and my phone rang.  Weird.  Amazing.  I answered the phone and there was an Amazon customer service person on the phone, with my account already open, ready to look up my concern!  Or a very clever robot.   Anyway, I loved it!

My brother sent us an Amazon gift card.  When I went through the process of redeeming the card, it popped up a screen with his email for me to send a thank you message.  Brilliant!  Because I am too lame to send a thank you without the prompt.  I want to be a more thoughtful person.

So thank you Amazon for having awesome contact set up, and for prompting the thank you note that should be automatic.

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