Monday, January 27, 2014

Crazy mom that makes things worse

That's me.

Today as I took the kids to Wendy's, for free frostys, G was letting the last bits drip into his mouth.  I told him not to do that, because it sets a bad example for M and P.  Then as I tried to clean it all up, I dropped the cup on the floor.

I was agitated because it's always hard to take 4 kids anywhere, especially a restaurant.  Also there was a woman with some significant facial deformities and M kept staring.  I kept signing to M to stop but she didn't. 

So after my fumble with G's cup, I said we were leaving.  M and P weren't done yet, but I was freaking out so luckily they didn't.  Nice one E.  I probably made the woman feel more uncomfortable than the 6 year old child who wouldn't stop staring.

Then we went over to feed the koi downtown.  I had brought the stroller so bB and P were contained.  M had a jar of fish food and was walking on the curb behind me.  The streets are really narrow and I told M to stop walking on the yellow line.  She didn't hear me.  She was busy guarding the glass jar and balancing on the line.  So I stopped and asked her if she had heard me.  She hadn't.  I then cruelly showed her how easy it is to fall into the road.  No I didn't push her into the road.  But I did make her drop her jar of fish food when I jostled her (after making sure no cars were actually coming). M didn't freak out then either.

Later when we were getting back into the car she tripped and barked her shins on the ledge of the van.  She cried a bit, but calmed down when I held her. 

Mhe's getting resistant about practicing.  I gotta be nicer.  She really is so amazing and sane.

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