Thursday, April 4, 2013

Your gifts are special

It's interesting growing up in the church.  And by growing up, I don't mean the larval stage through Primary and Youth Programs.  I mean this active serving and learning phase we're in now.  This time when we're choosing to be there.  Paying a significant portion of our income and time because we know it's true. 

I just watched this nice video from the Tattooed Mormon.  She's a young woman who converted to the church when she was 20, and then felt the pull to Utah.  Living in Utah is sort of a strange crucible that some new members feel called to do.  Maybe it's the Lord's loving way of bringing a bit of the world to the Saints of Utah.  Maybe it keeps the blood stock strong. 

I enjoyed my time in Utah, but mostly because I had family and school to keep me from being bothered by a lot of the social things that are so contradictory to the gospel. 

A message I appreciated from the video is that we each have something to give.  There are people who need us, as we are.

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Okishdu said...

I read the article about her in LDS Living and her blogspot post. She really has been called. Actually I really like living here in Provo now that I'm older. I like being in walking distance of a store, the church and the temple. There are many here like the tattooed Mormon, those who have come from all over the world and share their insights and experience. Now and then I encounter silly comments and prejudices, for instance, the time I served in the temple and Richard passed by on the way to an endowment session. One of the other workers said: "How would you like to wake up to that every day?" "I do, he's my son."