Monday, April 8, 2013


LDS Humor  "We believe in being honest, true, chased by an elephant..."

lP is at an awesome stage.  She plays well with others.  Doesn't give quite so many scowls.   She also prays and it is so beautiful.  In the middle of her prayers, she'll pause and look up, hands waiting for inspiration.  Sometimes we urge her to the end, whispering "through the name...".  Then one day she answered our prompt with "Wait!  I need to bless the childrens".  And she went on to ask a blessing on each of us by name.

Tonight as we drove in the car, talking about maybe singing as a family for sacrament meeting, the kids started to sing and sign their favorites.  lP started to sing and sign "I am a child of God".  It was so sweet, and then it was so funny.  Instead of "Parents kind and dear", we learned that lP has been sent "Pears" kind and dear.

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