Wednesday, April 10, 2013

People we could know

Today the girls and I stopped at the park on the way home. When we got there there was a family with 2 deaf adults and 2 hearing kids. I signed to them a bit, thinking how there was a time when I would have chatted a lot more with them. Now a days, having ASL in common, isn't so rare, and they were involved in their conversation. A short time later a family came with a 5 year old 3 year old, 1 year old and very pregnant mom. Not just a family with 3 young kids, a family with a modestly dressed mom on a hot Florida morning. A little while later she was meeting up with another modestly dressed mom with 2 young kids. So I figured they were Mormon. This isn't Utah where you can assume everyone is Mormon. But it is Florida and most women wear short shirts or sleeveless shirts around here. I didn't approach the suspected Mormons, not feeling a need to push myself onto their meet up. But I did give my soap to one who was taking her kids to the bathroom. There are never soap and towels at this playground.

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