Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lucky Us

 Thank you Sam's Club for being the tipping point to get me up to Jax to visit my friends today.  Thank you friends for letting us come and have such a treat!
  In other news.  I noticed someone with the email address nephitegirl today.  I thought it was sort of funny because it reminded me of a sad situation when I was young.  I grew up in a ward that had not 1 family with 10 kids, but 5 families with 10 kids.  Can you imagine?  I was part of one of those families.  The father of one family was sort of a bore and on one occasion he said, in the presence of 2 mothers of 10 who had lost children, "We've still got all 10"...  He also said once that his children were going to grow up to be Nephites.  So this idea of being a Nephite, spoken as a prideful thing by someone that is sort of thoughtless, is part of my formative thinking.  To be like Nephi, good.  To be a Nephite, the group that became wicked and got wiped out in the end, bad.

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