Saturday, July 14, 2012


More movies.  : )  I'm so grateful for this form of scrapbooking.  It lets me feel creative without a lot of mess and expense.  Win! 

Today G whipped through 60 simple addition problems.  We never had much time to do math during the school year because by the time we finished Spelling, Social Studies, Language homework, he was DONE.  So at the end of the year assessment the school was worried because he hadn't made much progress in math... the subject I was supposed to be doing at home.  I think G was aware of this deficit and was starting to feel like he was bad at math.  So this summer has been great for taking a break from daily homework, and focusing on math.  The favorite time for math is 10pm.  When all other entertainments have been removed.

Translation of his unprompted tutorial on how to stop a robber:  My plan is what: roar really scary so the robber think you are the dragon and hiss like a snake and don't forget something else is what: hit!

Don't forget to hit.

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