Saturday, June 16, 2012


Thursday we went to the Tax Collector and got our registration stickers.  Then we walked all the way down the long corridor to the Library.  When we got home we were so exhausted we collapsed in a pile of books and read.  Nice!
 Friday we executed a plan we've had in the works ever since my psychiatrist/sister said that some people in our family aren't able to do things that will create good memories because they're obsessed with money.  I realized that P and I both suffer from this malady.  We're willing to save up and buy nice things.   But we are very unwilling to spend money on experiences, aka we're misers.  Great!

So we took the kids mini-golfing and they had a blast. 
 The kids loved this hole that dropped the ball down into a lower green where the "real hole" was.
 lP and P are adorable.

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