Saturday, June 9, 2012

the carpet

 The pink carpet in our "great room" (let's face it, it's a great room) is so soft and lush.  We love it.  P has told me that we'll replace it with something as soft when it finally can no longer be made presentable.  It's so fun to have a soft ground for all the laying around, airplane rides, tumbling, and coupon shopping we like to do.
 We had a nice Memorial day lunch with the Ps.  BBQ Chicken on potatoes!
 lP is very coordinated.  Sometimes even I get anxious about the things she climbs up on.  Other folks are always terrified.  Well, now I've done it.  She has 2 left feet.  Really. 
The sole of her right shoe had worn a hole in it so I put a new sole on it.  Unfortunately I put a left sole on it.  So sometime soon I'll replace the sole of the left shoe with a right sole.  And lP will continue terrorizing playground populations at will.

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