Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apparently I'm sick a lot

This year I have been sick from February to June.  Sheesh!  It has been a rough year.  But only mildly rough.  I mean, it's been terrible, but we've been really blessed so that sort of balances a lot of hard.

I came across this really cute idea for making a book of the funny things your kids say.  I'm not the kind of mom to make one for each individual child.  So I was making one for all of the kids and going through my Facebook, journal and blog posts for funny things the kids have said.  Some great ones:

"Oh Man.  Try Again."  M age 2 crawling down the hall with an alligator puppet, growling, when the puppet falls off.

"Why?  It's coming!  Stay in your house!  Put up the hurricane shutters!"  G's warning to his 1st grade teacher that he wanted me to email her about the tropical storm.

In the process of going through these histories, I realized that I've been sick a lot more than I thought.  And with the same sicknesses we've had this year.  Maybe I'll start making a sickness calendar and draw a line for each member of the family who is sick each day of spring.  I think we may also have allergies that I just throw in with the general sick label.

So I printed these images out on legal sized paper (because I have a ream of it) and am going to sew them into a file folder (for a binding) along with some pages of photos, and DVD holders for the family DVDs.  I like the idea of this little archive. 

We're going to make the whole alphabet this summer. 
I also realized that I want to pay more attention to the funny things they say and do.   I love these wonderful children.

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