Thursday, June 28, 2012

beautiful cash

The mac is dying, the one I'm typing on right now...  For the last 8 months I haven't been able to make movies because the sound stopped working on iMovie.  Then when I tried to get a book made for my sister in iPhoto I found out that our version is no longer supported, so no book.  Now the power source is getting flinchy.  It did this to us 2 years ago when we were in the middle of job searching, getting job, and moving.  Blessedly mom in law let us borrow her laptop for some crucial days. 

We had planned to get a new computer at the end of the year Merry Christmas!  But instead P is building us one now using money from the mini-van fund.  It's nice to have plans for the future and cash in an envelope to do them with.  We won't need a min-van for 10+ months.  Medical benefits start in August.  Too much info, I know.

The back yard has been flooding.  Luckily we live on a hill.  We've had fun going out each day to see if water was flowing in or out.  This picture is the flooded trail back around the oxbow.  But it's all a connected body of water right now.

We had our 3rd play group in a row here today.  I like these ladies and am happy to share this wonderful space with them. 

The front room is getting sorted out so much so that today I even vacuumed in there.  How's that for a statement on "this is how the furniture is going to be"?  I also counted up that we could easily fit 15 kids in there for a BYC.  The fire pit provides even more seating options but... you know, variety.

 We had a nice visit from grandpa and my brother S with family.  I think this picture serves as a warning to anyone who thinks they are going to get a nap on the couch.  He let them palpate his face for whole minutes.  He's the best grandpa we've got, and I feel so blessed that we've got him.  I mean really, how many grandpas would put up with this expression of love?

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