Tuesday, June 5, 2018

impossibly beautiful

The natural beauty I encounter on a daily basis is astounding.  My backyard is lush and green, densely forested and full with wildlife.  I drive across bodies of water routinely and see the seasons change in the grasses, oysterbeds, and beached vessels.   The water in our backyard flows to the Matanzas river.  We've gone kayaking there and enjoyed the mazelike path through the grasses and surreal passage through the bridge I usually drive across. 

I take the children to the beach after dinner.  The sun is heading down and there is always parking.  The children run ahead as I get the youngest out and dressed.  As I head across the boardwalk I see below and before me, them careen across the sand to the water.  There is a tidal pool and tiny waves don't tempt the big kids, so we stay together splashing, wondering how we have such beauty.

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