Sunday, February 18, 2018

March Nutella

We got this gigantic tube of Nutella for $5 earlier this month.  The kids know I'm budgeting our food expenses, and everything else.  G loves nutella and we've been limiting our consumption to 2 jars a month and it's always the Save a lot brand.  He's been very good about making sure to make it last.  When we bought this tube we had already bought our 2 jars and G thought that the faster he got through the 2 jars, the sooner we would open this tube.  So the kids freely used the nutella until it ran out on Feb 15.  G cackled and ran to the cabinet to get the tube.  I told him that was the Nutella for March.  Oh.

I love to treat them and I love for them to learn that a little goes a long way.

Grandma C gave them valentines that had ~8 foil wrapped hearts in each.  I let them each have 1 then quickly hid them all.  It's not that I don't want them to enjoy their valentine, it's that I don't want L to scream and cry until all the chocolate is gone and then scream and cry some more because he has managed to eat all of his and half of everyone else's.   

So sometimes we eat a little at a time to save money and have moderation.  And sometimes we eat a little at a time to save ourselves a heap of crying and misery and have moderation.

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