Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Good and Beautiful

I ordered Language Arts books for the girls and we're really enjoying the program by "The Good and the Beautiful".  They are being exposed to a much wider swath, much more consistently, and they're loving it.  M is learning to diagram sentences, geography, grammar, memorization, dictation, art, and shared reading of quality stories.  lP is learning spelling, phonics, grammar, geography and so many things.  It's overwhelming but the program itself is so organized that they don't feel rushed or overloaded.  When it's just me telling them to do activities, they can tell I'm just making it up.  But they are very willing to do all that is required in this method even though is is a lot.  They also really like that we're doing it together instead of only having me involved when they need help.

M felt that she had memorized a poem because she could recall the words using a card with each word initial.  I let her know that she could do better and actually memorize the poem.  We talked about meter and I showed her the section of the Hymn book that listed the song meter.  We were able so sing her song to 4 different tunes including "Joy to the World".

We use this method for history as well and I like how the children are being exposed to content that I would not think to show them.  My grasp of History is frankly weak so I'm learning with them which is one of the great things about homeschool. 

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