Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I've attended many leadership trainings over the years.  Through music and education and church positions I've been trained.  This scout training has taught me that I was actually looking at the wrong side of the paper.

I learned the idea of accommodate/assimilate at an education training.  The idea is that if you know what a cow is and then you see a kudu you can assimilate it and call the kudo a cow.  OR you can accommodate the idea and learn that this new animal is similar to a cow but is in fact a kudu.

I thought that leadership was getting people to do or learn what I wanted them to do/learn.  I thought organizations should let their most talented artists draw the banners, and most talented seamstresses sew the stuff.  Let the most talented at decoration do that job and let the best cooks cook.  Voila!  Fabulous event.

The idea I'm accommodating after this woodbadge training is that the end product is the increased skill, not the fabulous event.  It's helping me with my parenting and I hope it will help me in my calling with primary. 

Let those talented become teachers and let them raise the skill of others so that they can become the next generation of teachers.

G needed some repairs to his church pants.  I did fix the length but I let him decide whether he would hand stitch or machine sew the other part needing repair.  In the process of sewing up his pants, he had to learn to re-thread the sewing machine.  Bonus learning!

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