Saturday, July 1, 2017

a moment to reflect

We went out to eat last night for our anniversary.  The children were pretty good.  Thanks to Wendy's 4 for $4 the kids have seen the inside of a restaurant more often than in any other period of their lives.  And thanks to our choice of Golden Corral there was no need to occupy hungry kids while we waited for dinner.  Yay!  It was hectic but not terrible.  The baby was the only one who dropped food or cried.  It was nice.

Later that night we stopped by a neighbors house for a party she'd invited us to for her sister.  It was a small party and the children were again very well behaved. 

I got to go to a wedding reception tonight and just took the 3 older children.  They each only had 1 soda and didn't make a mess or much noise.  I'm grateful for moments to just be out and not frazzled chasing them.

I was reading my old blog and I was as frazzled with 2 littles as I am with 5.  Having a baby always makes it hectic.  I'm looking forward to life in about 1-2 years when everyone is pretty chill, maybe
: )  Even going to the beach is less stressful.  The older 3 can swim and take turns playing on the beach with the little 2.  It's so nice.  I need to go more often.

When they grow up and say they're from Florida, and people ask if they went to the beach all the time, I'd like for them to say "Yeah, pretty much."

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