Wednesday, July 5, 2017

lazy river

We've gone to this river many times while we've lived here.  Usually about once a year we get together with the Porters and float the river.  2 years ago we bought our own boats, but because of sickness each time we scheduled a float, we still haven't used them!

So we're planning to go this weekend and I'm excited.  I'm trying to remember to just have a good time and enjoy the beauty.  We have a waterproof camera that makes it easier to make beautiful and amazing memories. 

When my family had a family reunion in 2006 we all went.  It was so awesome to have that big group and do something so beautiful. 

Doing anything with children can make it so you can hardly enjoy the beauty or meaning of your setting.  I hope to enjoy their wonder more.  It's been long enough since we went that it will be a completely different experience for lP, and B has no memory of it.  I'm so glad we're gong to be able to go.  Fingers crossed.

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