Thursday, June 22, 2017


As my friend and I sat watching the children run roam and climb around the area my friend commented that I'm so calm as they are doing things that would cause her to panic.  People often tell me I'm calm but this was the first time someone identified specifically what I'm calm about.  It's true I let my kids climb and do things many parents don't let them do.  But I try to not let them sass or be mean.  I come down on them when they hurt other people or are rude.   I wasn't at all calm today after I'd told lP we were leaving the pool and she jumped back in. 

If the kids get hurt, I know a magical place where people can fix just about anything.  But if my kids act like monsters, that's on me.  I ask them "Do I look like the kind of mom that is going to just let you act like that?"  B has a lovely habit of saying "Yes mom" and "No mom" so appropriately. 

LP has a bad habit of complaining.  We're working on it.  She'll complain that I did something wrong and I'll say "Is that how you're going to get it fixed?"  or "Do you think talking like that is going to make me want to help you?"  And as soon as she asks like a kind child, I'm very eager to help her out.  It's a process...

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