Monday, June 12, 2017

The cat came back

I took a sudden trip out to visit family.  It was cool to visit and go places without worrying about the kids safety and entertainment.  But I missed them a lot and by the end of my visit I was falling apart.

The fun things I did were several family picnics and seeing folks I hadn't seen for years.  I also got to go to Bridal Veil Falls and just enjoy the place without worrying about keeping kids safe.  I wandered Ikea and got lost without anyone crying. 

P was able to take some time off to parent 24/7.  He took the kids to the library, museums, a tour of Everbank field, the natural history museum, the Lightner museum, the Governor's house, the GRM nature center, and the Moma!  He also fed them every day!  At each of these locations P had the children answer questions that he later used to have them solve the puzzle of when I was coming home.  He's so awesome.

Now that I'm home I find the children are so willing to help out.  They are loud, but not fighting so much.  They also put themselves to sleep.  It's strange and wonderful.  I need to spend more time hugging them.

When they picked me up from the airport L wouldn't get close to me.  He was mad I think.  He's come around now and I can be more grateful for all his love and attention.

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