Friday, June 16, 2017

new van

Did I mention we have a new van?  It's pretty cool to have all the big kids in the back row because there are 3 shoulder belts back there.  And with this car, the middle row seats turn around.  So it's a big, loud party back there.  And I fixed the movie players, yes, there are movie players, for $20 instead of $1000.  So when we're on a longer trip, like 2 hours, I turn the little ones around so they can watch a movie.
It's also nice that the space between the driver's seat and the middle seats can function as semi-permanent storage for spare shoes and diaper bags.  And the area between all the kids feet stays less messy.  It's easier to clean out somehow when the seats are facing each other.  The kids really like the new van and feel like it is very fancy.  Heck!  So do I.

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