Sunday, October 16, 2016

Keeping it Holy

Today we are involved in hurricane clean up efforts.  P went to the workers sacrament meeting at 8.  I took the kids to the combined meeting at 9:30.  After the combined meeting we got to help unload a Red Cross truck full of supplies and a pick up truck full of Little Debbie snacks. 

I'd arranged with another family to watch their small children earlier in the day while they went out with work crews.  Then at 2 my kids went to their home to be watched by a teenager.  And I went out to help clean up a home that was flooded.

When I returned at 5:30 to take 3 of the combined assembly of kids to choir practice, they were watching Nanny McFee and had apparently also watched Zootopia.  G commented to me, somewhat happily, that this day was feeling just like any other day.  Yes G.  If you do the sorts of things you might do any other day, and watch the media you might watch any other day, there is nothing special about the Sabbath.  It is a gift to us and we get to set it aside and make it Holy.

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