Tuesday, October 11, 2016


We left for G-town when the Hurricane was coming.  We learned after we had left that we were in the mandatory evacuation zone.  Yay.  I'm so glad we left.  We spent 6 days in G-town hanging out with Grandma and aunties.  The children had a great time.  We visited a new playground downtown that was amazing.  B and lP got very adventurous and spent most of the visit up Grandma's cedar tree.  We found a really nice bike at a thrift store and G, M and lP spent a lot of time taking turns nicely. 

We came back tonight after cleaning up from Hurricane Grandkids and visiting the awesome park one more time.  Fortunately Hurricane Grandkids did not leave any damage to Grandpa's house, just debris that had to be cleaned up.

I thought P had met an ill end when he hadn't come home at 2am when I'd expected him home at 10:30.  It turns out that he forgot his shoes and had to go back to S. A.  P went back to S. A. often to help with the clean up efforts.  He is the EQ president and checked on many homes.  He is now on a 3 day work conference where he will be presenting for 4 of the 8 sessions!  What a superstar.  I'm glad he did not die last night.  My cell phone delivered the message about his shoes today at 5:11 pm.  It's not what anyone would call a reliable way of getting in touch with me.

We got back in the dark and I'm staying up late because...crickets....  Even in the dark I can tell that the limb that fell down has left a huge hole in the canopy of our front yard.  The whole tree may need to be trimmed down big tome.  There is another limb that broke but did not come down so we need to have a professional take that down rather than having work crews from our church handle it.

Sitting here at my computer it's easy to imagine that nothing even happened.  But tomorrow I'll be able to see it for myself.

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