Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Song Books

I'm the Primary President of our ward.  I wanted the children to have the words to the songs we sing so they have a chance at learning the lyrics more reliably than weekly.  So I made a set of documents that could be printed as photos and put into a cheap photo album.  The children got the books last week loaded with the January song and 5 songs like "The books of the Old Testament" that are very word heavy.  This year we're singing "Follow the Prophet" and I wanted them to be able to do all 9 verses.  But we don't give them the words until they've spent a month looking at the visuals and learning the song somewhat by rote.

In my house this has so far exceeded my wildest expectations.  On Monday lP was in charge of the song.  She chose the song from January and instructed the other children to go get their books.  Tonight lP had hers out and was studying the words to "I know that my Savior Loves Me".  She's at that point where she doesn't really read, but words can prompt her memory.  Then M and G got theirs out and started singing the songs that are really lists.  I love it!

So if none of the other kids enjoy it as much as mine do, that's fine.  Mine are enjoying them a lot.

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