Friday, October 10, 2014


I'm grateful that I don't have the compulsive behavior of hoarding.  I do tend to have things I don't need though.  So I'm giving myself permission to use things.  I'm also telling myself that I deserve to not have tons of clutter that is oppressive to me.  So that nice bowl that I would be sad if it broke?  I'm going to use it.  The nice paper I've been saving, I'm going to use it.  The fabric scraps that are actually to small to use, I'm going to throw them away. 

This year I've gotten rid of a lot of things.  We moved into this wonderful home that had so many cool things from Sister L.  It's been 3 years people.  And things I've never used, apparently we don't need.  Some things we never need, I let the kids have them and they can use, ruin, love the things all they want.

I'm in charge of the neighborhood halloween party.  Worst thing that can happen is the neighborhood decides not to let me be in charge again : )  At first I felt like the budget was generous, then I started putting a name on each dollar.  And the budget is just right, if tight. 

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Okishdu said...

That is a great picture of your lovely kids.