Saturday, October 25, 2014


I was in charge of the community halloween party tonight.  It came together really well.  I was anxious that kids would be bored, or we'd run out of food.  But we even had a hard time getting kids to do the activities.  They sort of traveled in packs and we had enough kids to fill 4 activities and we had 6 on and off.  Halloween is becoming my favorite holiday for meeting neighbors.  It's really nice to go from house to house and meet people.  Our neighborhood has been mostly older people for a long time.  But young families are moving in.  Several people commented on getting a lot of trick or treaters. 

My neighbor game me her halloween vests that she used when her kids were growing up.  Call me weird, but I really like this article of clothing.  I'll probably be wearing it at Christmas.  It's so nice!  Cozy, but not bothering my arms.  Man! 

Pictures to follow, be sure : )  We still have 4 more halloween events next week.  Thankfully I'm not in charge of any of them!

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