Friday, November 15, 2013

What's your excuse

Tonight we attended a recital for a man in our ward who began playing the piano 3 years ago.  His mom is a piano teacher and all his brothers play piano.  He is deaf, so he was never taught.  But he got the idea of having his mom teach him via skype.  And he bought a white baby grand piano, before he asked her for lessons!

So this man is something of an inspiration.  Here he is, taking on a huge task that most of us would never dream of trying. 

Our Ward has no pianists able to play for sacrament meeting.  All of us "hearies" shake our heads and say, "It's too bad, someone needs to move into the ward, I can't play!"

On that theme, I am learning to play and it's really exciting.  I love putting my efforts toward something that I have for years said "I wish I could..." but never put any time or effort toward.  It's really, really, good for the soul.
M keeps me inspired and eager to try.  Just like G learning to sign, I don't want to fall behind. 

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