Sunday, November 3, 2013

Warning: rant

I've been thinking a lot about the culture of rape.  Not too much, but I've read some articles recently that had me thinking about how to help men stop raping women!  Mostly I just say to P at random times, "People should just stop having sex with anyone who isn't their spouse."  To which he sagely agrees. 

In general I think that if a woman has a man's biological trace on her, and says she was raped, then that man should be accountable.

The legions of people think that they should be able to have sex with whomever, whenever.  For them, I suggest an app, "iConsent" that could be set to anyone you consent to "be" with. 

I also think there should be some re-defining of the term rape.  In the college campus scene, their should be a way for these sorts of situations to be prosecuted at a less criminal level.  Men need to be confronted with consequences for having sex with anyone.   Any woman who decides they were raped, should be able to file for damages.  Even a woman in a consensual relationship should be able to ask for damages.  Those damages could range from paying for therapy, to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Right now, the judicial system seems, I don't know really, to be all or nothing.  If a man is found guilty, his life is ruined.  So huge amounts of effort is made to call him innocent, and the woman is shamed into silence, or even guilted into never reporting the incident.

So imagine a world where men become afraid to have sex with strangers!  Yay!  What if college campuses became a place where any co-ed was able to get "free tuition" out of a guy if he was dumb enough to sleep with her.  Yes!

I think men are very motivated by money.  Certainly most rape cases that go to the courts now are about criminal brutality.  But there are so many rapes not reported.  Ladies are taught by society that a rape accusation would ruin a man's life.  Yes, that's true.  But the emphasis should be on men.  They should stop having sex with people they haven't invested in a relationship with.

The consequence for being a rapist is so high, that nobody wants to call down that consequence on a "Nice Boy" even if he's a serial rapist.  So maybe rich frat boy is still going to be a serial rapist.  But with a system for women being able to claim damages, more of his victims could report him, and maybe he'd stop.

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