Friday, November 5, 2010

Lucky haircut

So I did give M a haircut. It was only about 3 inches but she has magic hair so it looks like I cut off more and it looks better than it should.

Then on Monday she had a stomach bug. Gross. But, luckily, her hair cut was just the length to keep it away from her emetic mouth.

It is strange I know, but during her ordeal of throwing up about 10 times I was just so proud of her. Too much information Alert! She always threw up in an easy to clean place like the tub or her plastic sheeted bed. She only cried because she was hungry and she took a nap on the bathroom floor.

I sometimes can't believe what amazingly good children I have. Luckily I'm pretty nice to them so maybe sometimes they feel lucky to have me for a mom.

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