Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good ideas from my "psychiatrist"

My sister is a psychiatrist so I call her "my psychiatrist" and she does actually help me sort through things from time to time.

Right now she is the aide in the Sunbeam class for her congregation when she's not commuting between NY and CA. Really! But this is the wisdom she imparted to me for class management:

Make a chart so there is a job for each child and they can see that they have a part. You can let them pick their job in order of who is being reverent... This keeps you from always calling only on the 1-2 kids who are good at being quiet.

My other sister said this doesn't work so well when you have kids fight over jobs. That's just part of life I guess.

We use a chart like this for FHE and it works well for our kids. Even little M will teach the lesson when it's assigned to her. We have Prayer, Song, Lesson, and Treat. When PJP gets older we'll probably add some activity. Onward and upward with more jobs and more kids. Whew!

Frequently new ideas hit me and I just need to absorb them.

Uh oh, baby is waking.

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