Monday, November 22, 2010


It's been a good weekend. A long weekend full of smiling babies, all 3 of them.

P took G to the gator game. He's gone to 2 now. P is so jealous of the childhood he's giving his son.

M is an incredibly nice little girl. I frequently can't believe she's my daughter. Not only because I was not such a nice little girl... but because she's so nice it's hard to believe she's not the child of someone much more saintly. She's really awesome. Tonight G and I were play fighting, just block punch sorts of things. M said "Guys don't do that" in a perfectly reasonable calm voice. It reminded me of how when she was under a year old and we were having puppets fight, she started to cry. M has her wild moments. M also has serene times, sweet times, great idea times, startlingly articulate times, and kissing times. She's a great little girl. She loves beautiful things and I try to make her life a happy place.

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