Sunday, November 28, 2010

Conversations with M

"I caught the spatula before it hit the ground mama!" she said.
"Wow you are very cooridnated" I said.
"...and awesome" she said.
"And awesome" I said.
"...and gorgeous" she said.
"And Gorgeous" I said.

"What did daddy say?" I asked
"Please close the door" she said as though she were repeating a rote chemistry equation.
So I went and closed the so he could sleep.

"M if you drop your food on the floor what am I going to say?"
"Bummer" she says.

After telling her to go put on a new shirt several times I said:
"M you don't have a shirt on, what does that mean?" thinking she may catch on to the pending punishment in my voice.
"It means I'm naked" she said very matter of fact. Then she did go put on a shirt.

Every day she says things that amaze and amuse me.

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