Saturday, May 26, 2018

Birthday party

Today we had a birthday party for B.  We followed my tried and true method of pizza at the park and it was great.  4 families came but we had a great crowd of kids.  I love to have a party where the whole family is welcome and we do some activities but mostly we eat and hang out. 

It was a baseball tournament day so the parking was crazy, but the pavilion was empty.
The ice pops and frozen yogurt tubes stayed frozen!

We've achieved a critical mass of kids so we can play games with the 12 handled parachute I have had for years.  The kids love the one where I say down and up, then call out someone's name, and they run under. 

I got some giant dice so now we can play giant dice games. Yep.

The kids had some unpleasant encounters with kids on the playground.  There was a group of about 5 older kids that were swearing and saying body parts.  One called lP a boy.  Life's like that sometimes.  If someone is willing to tell lies, believe that they are a liar.  If someone is willing to exclude you from their games, believe that they do not want to be nice to you.  Leave them alone.  They have nothing you want.

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