Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Break

 In an uncharacteristic move, we took the kids to Tampa during Spring Break.  This is uncharacteristic for us because we don't have any family in Tampa and it is not of historic significance nationally or to our church.  But Tampa does have 2 children's museums and we have Science museum memberships this year.  So we drove down one day and went to this museum with an amazing climbing structure.
The kids played on this for an hour!  They only got off when they were done, there was never any "Time's up" call from the people running the equipment.
 We drove out to the west coast to watch the sunset.  Between large crowds near the awesome playground and the clouds on the horizon covering the actual sunset, we didn't see the sun set.  But we had a great time and saw some amazing street performers.
 We stayed at a hotel then got up to explore another science museum for 7 hours. 
 Prior to this year we only ever went to free museums.  These pay to play museums are incredible.  Now we'll never be able to take our kids to a free exhibit again because they'll think that they should touch EVERYTHING!
 This museum was aimed more at the young children.  It was kinda like a toystore with all the educational interactive toys you could ever want.
L and I took a little break but woke up for the goodbye parade. 
The staff rounded everyone up and gave them instruments.   Then they led a parade through the corridor and down the stairs, collecting the instruments as children reached the exit.  I thought that was an intensely brilliant way to collect all the children and get them out the door with little crying, hiding, or chasing.  Wow!

Once again P takes us on wonderful adventures and we try and walk the line between being spoiled rotten and just living a bountiful life.

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