Saturday, October 7, 2017

New freedom

G has been 12 now for 9 months and I'm finally feeling like it's OK to leave the kids home.  Last week I left G home with 2 kids and took M and L to an appointment.  The next day I left them all home and went to the bank!  Last night P and I went out to walk the beach.  It's so amazing the difference it makes to have a kid old enough to watch the other kids.

G has had experience using the phone over the last year.  He uses the phone for Discussion Based Assessments with his online class.  I usually interpret for those.  He gets most things but it's nice to have the sign to support when you're dealing with specific figures.  And now as we go off and leave the kids alone for tens of minutes, it is nice that G can understand us on the phone and give a status report.  It's such a relief.

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