Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I've never let my kids play games with zombies.  I don't like shooting games in general.  I didn't like the idea of the undead or their receiving callous abuse.  Today the kids were playing minecraft which I specifically don't like because of the zombies.  I'm OK with creator mode. 

I think it's really toxic to create this class of people that are un-people so it's OK to kill them.  That's the basis of so much killing in the real world.  And children are practicing this mental categorization through video games from a young age.  Then when they are older and feel like someone they don't like is a zombie, it's OK to denigrate, violate and kill them.  Great.

It's interesting to me that the survival mode of Minecraft is free.  Obviously if creator mode was free, who would ever pay for the survival mode.  Clever marketing.  So if you don't want your children to play with zombies, you have to pay.  That's OK.  We'll probably never pay for it, but we definitely won't let them play survival mode.

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Geoffrey Porter said...

Uh mom, it's creative, not creator.