Sunday, August 13, 2017


I got to give a talk today in Sacrament meeting.  I thank my mother for raising a woman that loves to give talks.  It takes a lot of preparation and I cry a lot, but I always learn a lot and don't hate the actual act of public speaking.

I talked about how the scriptures help us during these trying times.  I talked about how our times are trying and that the scriptures are love letters from God.  He loves us  a lot and looks forward to seeing us again.  I included this gem from P's family history:

I concluded that I must have a house and housekeeper, for the way I had to live was too troublesome. I had agreed with a young woman in Vermont to marry her. I had written two or three times to her, but received no answer, and I concluded she had give up the bargain and thought she would not go so far from her father and mother. I wrote a letter to that effect and told her to marry to suit herself if she could. I would not stand in her way and I gave up the idea of going back to see her. I went looking about to see if I could find anyone I liked to keep house for me. I went down the creek about 10 miles from Abner's to a meeting, and I got talking with a young man there and told him what my name was and where I had my claim, and it was very unhandy for me to go so far night and morning to work and I needed a woman to keep house. He said he knew of one he thought I could get and he would introduce me to her. I stayed with her that night; she seemed very willing to marry me and wanted to know when I would come again. I told her I did not know; I had no house of my own and I didn't know when I could get one. Perhaps in a week or two...I thought I would go and see her again. I went over to the spring and was making ready to go to the meeting and see that girl, when here came a person and handed me a letter. I opened it and behold it was from my sweetheart in Vermont. She wrote with so much affection that I sat down and wept freely. She wrote that she was astonished at the last letter I wrote her--that she had written three or four letters and I had got none of them--that she had not changed her mind at all, and had been preparing to go there just as soon as I thought proper; that she was willing to go into that country and her folks were willing she should go there. We all were well acquainted with each other, for we had lived within a half mile apart for about 10 or 12 years, and had been to the same school together every winter. I did not go to see Miss Polly Done and I heard that she was very much disappointed, for she thought to catch me, and was preparing to keep house for me.

When communication breaks down we think someone doesn't love us.

The summer I met P we dated for about a month, then he went to school in Florida.  I didn't hear from him for 2 weeks.  I was pretty sure he'd gone back to Florida and moved on.  Ouch.  

He likes to point to this family history for why he didn't write, because after all....  And didn't I know he loved me?  But when you're 20 and the guy leaves, and you don't hear from him, in a time of letters, email and phone...  Sheesh.

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