Saturday, October 10, 2015


We don't go to the beach in the summer.  It's a funny thing.  Around September we start going, enjoying the novelty of being at the beach when school has started.  Enjoying the water, so warm, when we go for a quick trip after dinner, as the days begin to shorten.  Then we get to October and we start going weekly.  It gets dark sooner, so we go on Saturdays.  The beach is mostly empty.  It's October!  But it's still glorious and we go, savoring that it will soon be too cold.

Actually the water is about as warm in October as it is in May.  We don't really go in the spring because the water is still so cold.  And as it heats up, the difference in temperature is even more painful.  Our favorite time is the fall, when the temperatures are about the same, and when the novelty of going to the beach is delicious. 

There is a song I think of "High and Blue the Sky" as I stand on the beach in the fall.  It's so gloriously perfect.  The sky is so high, so blue.  The air is so sweet on your skin.  It's not autumn leaves, but it's fall in Florida.  I love it.

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